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Unlock tax relief in your holiday let property with Zeal

tax relief holiday let Zeal

Our new sponsor Zeal could unlock thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax savings

hidden in your holiday let property.

Like many holiday let owners, you may not know that as part of statutory UK legislation, a

specialist tax relief can be claimed on the costs incurred to buy, build, or refurbish your


Due to the need for surveyors and capital allowances experts, this is often not an area of tax

covered by general accountants.

Zeal's in-house team of chartered tax advisors and surveyors help holiday let owners unlock

significant tax savings in their properties.

Zeal could help you:

  • Secure an average of £15,000 per property in tax savings.

  • Obtain a cash rebate for tax you have unknowingly overpaid.

  • Reduce or even completely eliminate your next tax bill.

  • Unlock a pool of tax savings to mitigate future HMRC payments.

To find out if your property meets government criteria, Zeal are offering a free

Want to know more ahead of your call with Zeal? Download their free tax relief guide for

holiday property owners or visit For further details, call 01633 287898 or email


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