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Turno CEO: Airbnb guests expect hotel quality

Turno has grown into one of the biggest brands in the short-term rentals space – helping hosts and cleaners to significantly improve and expand their operations.


The company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Assaf Karmon, was the special guest on this week’s #HCHPodcast and he spoke at length about the story of Turno, outlined a bunch of actionable tips for hosts and property managers, and shared his pride at seeing cleaning professionals grow their businesses on the platform.


Like many founders in the STR space, Assaf started with his own rentals, found a problem, and built a solution. And based on his own experiences as a host and the CEO of a major company in the industry, Assaf believes guest expectations are constantly rising.


“In the early days of Airbnb, people were expecting to stay at a friend’s house – but now they’re expecting to stay at a hotel,” he said. “This is the level they’re looking for – and this is what hosts need to strive for. We’ve gone from a niche industry to now being compared with hotels."


Assaf added: “I think it’s really important that everybody keeps up with the standards that are expected. I don’t actually think it’s hard to meet those expectations – you just need a repeatable process.”


Assaf went on to discuss how Turno helps cleaning companies to expand their businesses. 


“One of the interesting things about Turno is that it is helping both hosts and cleaning companies to scale their operations. I feel proudest when I talk to cleaning company owners who started with one person, a mop, and a bucket, and have grown to 10-15 employees and are now running a business. And that is something they have completely built on our platform. We make that possible by helping people build a reputation. If you service a few rentals and get good reviews, you’re going to get more customers. This cycle continues until you don’t have enough time in the day to service all these rentals. That’s the value we deliver to the cleaners on our platform.”


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