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Top holiday rental tips from Awaze CEO Henrik Kjellberg

Awaze CEO, Henrik Kjellberg, is ultimately responsible for managing more than 100,000 holiday rentals across Europe. With Awaze running leading brands, including Hoseasons, NOVASOL, and, Henrik understands the short-term rentals industry inside out – and he was generous enough to share his substantial knowledge on the latest edition of our popular podcast series.

As well as outlining his journey in the tourism sector and discussing industry trends, Henrik shared his top three tips for short-term rental hosts and property managers.

"Tip number one is this: get a hot tub. If you have the space, it will not only increase your revenue by a substantial amount, it will also increase your season," said Henrik.

"Number two: make it pet friendly. The UK went pet crazy during COVID. Yes, they do increase the wear and tear – but you can charge more, and pets are usually not allowed in hotels, so your place becomes more desirable.

"The third thing would be to get an electric vehicle charging point – especially if you are in a remote area. People are increasingly buying electric vehicles, and this will make your property extremely attractive to them."

Listen to the #HCHPodcast featuring Henrik Kjellberg:




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