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Sign our petition to reverse FHL tax plans

Sign our petition to reverse FHL tax plans.

Holiday Cottage Handbook is proud to stand up for the entire short-term rentals industry.

Like many organisations in the sector, HCH has reported and analysed the UK government's proposal to abolish the furnished holiday lettings (FHL) tax regime.

We believe this move is short-sighted and will do little to solve the UK's housing crisis. Abolishment is likely to hurt local economies and cost jobs in various sectors. 

For the sake of tourism across the UK and businesses which rely on tourism, we are strongly urging the government to reconsider this approach.

We encourage you to share the petition link with your entire network. Here it is:

If we reach 10,000 signatures, the government will respond to the petition, and if we reach 100,000, the petition will be considered for debate in parliament. 

Let's get to 10,000 ASAP! Please spread the word! 

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Mar 27

The change in mortgage interest, relief will make a dramatic Impact on the profitability of FHL. The change in capital allowance will mean properties will not be able to afford continuous improvement standards of tourist provision will drop.

The removal of Small business tax relief on capital gains will make an enormous difference to the potential pension of someone who wishes to retire from the industry. The removal of rollover on selling will make it unviable to sell one property and buy another

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