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Powerhost partners up with HCH!

Powerhost Rentals United sponsors Holiday Cottage Handbook

The Powerhost property management solution – which provides game-changing software for short-term rental hosts and managers – has signed up to sponsor Holiday Cottage Handbook.

Powerhost is delivered by Rentals United, which was founded in 2015 and has grown into one of the most trusted and accessed software solutions for vacation rental managers, providing compact solutions for marketing, distribution, and operations. Easy to use, constantly evolving, and powerful, the Rentals United platform handles tons of data every day and is connected to 60+ listing sites and 100+ technology providers.

The Powerhost solution is perfect for hosts and managers with up to nine properties. Its hero features include:

  • Channel manager

  • Smart guest communication

  • Direct booking website

  • Reservation management 

  • Content management 

  • Payment processing

  • Reporting

  • Mobile app

As part of the HCH sponsorship, RU will benefit from podcast, newsletter, and social media mentions. Powerhost will also be a flagship sponsor of the A-Z of Short-Term Rentals section, including the Property Management Software (PMS) page.

Miguel Bordoy, Growth Lead, Rentals United, said: "We are more than happy to sponsor Holiday Cottage Handbook as we believe their efforts are fully directed towards the STR community and we want to support this action.

"At Powerhost, we know the key to maximising revenue for vacation rental hosts and property owners lies in a powerful PMS. Our platform is your revenue engine, streamlining operations, optimising bookings, and fuelling your success in the competitive vacation rentals market. With Powerhost, it's not just about managing properties – it's about maximising profits."

James Varley, Founder, Holiday Cottage Handbook, said: “We are delighted to be working with Rentals United to showcase the Powerhost solution – which is a well-established and trusted platform in the short-term rentals industry. We are looking forward to outlining the benefits of Powerhost to our growing audience as we continue to deliver high quality free resources for investors, hosts, and property managers across the globe.”

Interested in partnering with Holiday Cottage Handbook and reaching thousands of engaged short-term rental hosts and property managers? Contact us via the website or email


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