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How Orana Stay can boost the guest experience

Hosts and property managers are always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience – and one way you can do precisely that is by having a digital guidebook.

During the latest #HCHPodcast, we spoke to Roger Graham, Founder and CEO of Orana Stay, which provides a digital welcome guide and concierge for short-term rental hosts, hotels, and other forms of accommodation.

The technology helps to engage and amaze guests. It allows hosts to market their brand, seamlessly communicate in different languages, and promote both the local area and nearby businesses.

And as Roger explained, the goal of the tech is to elevate the guest experience and ultimately increase revenue.

“Our platform takes over where the booking software ends. What we really want to do is engage with guests, make them happy, and encourage them to come back," said Roger.

“The guide really contains everything you need to know about where you're going. From the time you leave home, how to get there, directions, etc. Then vital information about check-in, key codes, and details about the property, plus what guests need to do when they leave. Also, information about the local area.”

Orana Stay is also a sustainable solution. You can update the information quickly and simply – and there is no requirement for any printing.

Roger added: “It enhances the guest experience by providing the information to the guest when they need it. When I stay at properties, I always seem to fight with coffee machines – I can never get the thing to work. But with the guide, you can actually add a video to help people work out how to use different devices.”

It’s quick and easy for hosts to get set up with Orana Stay as the platform is integrated with a host of software solutions, including Guesty and Hostaway. It also uses OpenAI technology to generate content on your behalf.

Roger said the guide also has the potential to open new revenue streams.

“We’re implementing shopping cart technology – which allows guests to purchase items from your property or tickets for nearby attractions. You can turn the guide into a money spinner. We also look at the book direct element by trying to encourage guests to book directly with the host if they want to come back.”


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