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Host & Stay’s Dale Smith outlines the perfect holiday rental

During the latest Holiday Cottage Handbook Podcast, Host & Stay CEO and Founder, Dale Smith, listed the must-have amenities for holiday properties and outlined the ideal rental.


Since 2017, Dale has overseen rapid growth for Host & Stay – from running a single property to managing more than 1,200 across the UK.


Dale drew on his own experience, plus Host & Stay data, to outline the golden rules for success as a short-term rental host and manager.


“Being dog friendly is top of the tree in terms of booking generation. I would always be advocating for a property to be dog friendly as it’s going to have a material impact on booking performance,” said Dale.


“The most searched for items are log burners and hot tubs. I’m always on the fence in terms of hot tubs being a proven revenue generator as they’re also a proven expense to run and operate and clean. I see owners wanting to put hot tubs in their properties that are in more residential areas and might cause neighbour nuisance. If a property is more remote, I’d be advocating for them – but it’s one to explore. There are so many pros and cons to them that you really need to do your homework.”


Dale continued: “If you said to me ‘what’s the perfect holiday let?’, I would say coastal with a sea view, quick access to the beach, a log burner, outdoor area, garden, dog friendly, and stick a hot tub in there as well.”


Dale went on to say it was vital homeowners set up their properties according to their location and target audience.


“Location is key. We’ve seen an influx of new stock come into the market and much of it is in locations that don’t work. Are you a holiday provider or are you managing serviced accommodation for the corporate sector? I see a lot of people trying to do both – and they are fundamentally different businesses. Choose your location and your market – and go hard at that."


Dale added: “Investing in marketing is also important – but you must have patience to do that over a decent period of time. Interior design and photography are also key. The first four or five photos are going to determine whether people choose to stay with you or not. The presentation of your property is absolutely key to its success.”


Listen to the #HCHPodcast featuring Dale Smith:




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