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Holiday let mortgage product of the week

holiday let mortgage

The manifestos unveiled by UK political parties ahead of this week's general election outline varying promises in relation to housing and property investment, with some better than others (writes Howard Reuben, Principal, HCH Financial Services).

While an election period often creates uncertainty, for most borrowers it's a case of 'keep calm and carry on'.

Many thousands of investors are looking to remortgage right now in order to avoid very high standard variable rates from their lenders. The dilemma for some borrowers is whether to tie themselves into a new fixed rate for two, three, or five years – or wait until the post-election period and a potentially better deal.

Whether you decide to lock in a new rate or wait, HCH Financial Services is here to help. We have a vast range of solutions whatever your circumstances, including a brilliant two-year holiday let deal from Principality Building Society with no arrangement fee. Below are the key details:


  • Two-year fixed rate until 31/8/2026

  • 5.8% fixed rate

  • £0 lender arrangement fee

  • Up to 60% loan to value

  • Free valuation

  • Free legals

  • Portable

  • Overpayments allowed up to 10% per annum without penalty

  • Personal name borrowers only (not available for limited companies)


This product is one of numerous options available that provides flexibility, peace of mind, and great value.

As ever, we would encourage all investors to speak to a broker. Our team of experts are always on hand to help discuss any dilemma and plan strategy accordingly.


Contact HCH Financial Services today:


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