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Holiday home host? Download our FREE e-book!

After a lot of hard work over the summer, our new website and e-book are now live.

The e-book offers a comprehensive overview of the short-term lettings sector and is an ideal resource for investors, hosts and property managers. There are handy tips on the buying process, mortgages and budgeting, plus advice about online travel agencies, furniture and appliances, amenities, tech tools and more.

We are also encouraging people to sign up for our free weekly newsletter, which will be launched next week. The newsletter will contain plenty of tips and advice on how to take your short-term rental business to the next level.

Look out also for our weekly podcast. Recording is set to begin this week and we have a bunch of experts from across the sector to interview. We will be taking a deep dive into the current state of the industry and predicting future trends. It is sure to be insightful whether you are an aspiring investor or manage hundreds of properties.

We will also be getting active across social media in the coming weeks, including video production to help everyone with a vested interest in the short-term rentals sector.

If you would like to discuss advertising and collaboration opportunities, get in touch here.

Enjoy the content!


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