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Help us learn more about our growing community

Holiday Cottage Handbook survey

In order to support upcoming projects and provide valuable data to our growing number of collaborators, we are keen to learn more about the HCH community.

To this end, we have created a short survey and would be very grateful if you took two minutes out of your day to fill it in. Click here to complete the survey.

One of the main projects we are currently working on is the second edition of our e-book. This comprehensive guide to the short-term rentals industry will be available to download from our website for free in September. 

The first edition of the e-book – which you can view here – has been incredibly popular, with our website stats showing that more than 33% of people who land on the page take action to download the resource. The e-book is almost 50 pages and covers a vast range of topics, including property sourcing, management, tech, hosting tips, and much more. Click here to download a copy.

We are currently developing a range of sponsorship options for the new e-book and looking forward to announcing our first raft of collaborators in the near future. If your company is interested in supporting this project, hit reply or email


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