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Dealing with sub-par reviews

Last week, we focused on how to get great reviews from every guest – check out this article for further information and plenty of inspiration.

We all know, however, that it can be difficult to please every guest. Whatever their feedback, we are all liable to receive a low rating from time to time.

But what can we do to deal with sub-par reviews? Below are a few musings, which include some feedback from the HCH community and a few social media groups.

Firstly, a negative review might be justified from time to time and should be taken as a learning opportunity. Constructive feedback can help us to get better. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take it on the chin and fix whatever problem has been highlighted right away. One host, Tracey, said the first thing she always did was ask how she could improve – after all, we are all aiming to get better and offer the best possible guest experience.

Another host, Debi, said it was important to take a deep breath before responding. She added: ‘If most of your reviews are good, potential guests will notice. Politely correct anything false but be aware that people will look to see how you reply. Also, let it go.’ In the same vein, Caroline said: ‘Write a professional and factual response. If any potential guest is reading the reviews your good response will earn respect. Don’t sweat the small stuff.’

Layton said it was all part of running a business. ‘People will always complain about anything – even things out of our control. Take a deep breath, relax, and continue to support the next guests.’

There will be guests from time to time who are difficult to please. It seems there are some who simply do not believe in leaving top ratings. It is all part of the short-term rentals experience, however, and the most common feedback from the community is to take a deep breath before responding.

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