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Bookings are down. Hosts need to take action

Bookings are down and hosts need to take action. Beyond is sharing tips

The stats do not lie. Bookings are down 15% year-on-year according to Beyond – the global revenue management system for the vacation rentals industry.

The data suggests a pressing situation, with many properties remaining unbooked because nightly rates are too high. Additionally, data shows the booking window has shortened significantly.

Beyond's advice is simple: you need to price appropriately in order to capture the bookings being made during those shorter planning windows. Even a 5-10% reduction can make all the difference and help you nudge towards profit even during the slower months.

The report states: 'A lack of action now will likely lead to little to no bookings, and a fire sale situation in the future as you attempt to recoup losses with dramatic last-minute discounts.'

Beyond has five simple tips for hosts struggling to fill their calendars:

1. Optimise length of stay strategies

2. Avoid mis-pricing events

3. Experiment with small price decreases

4. Leverage market data

5. Take action before it's too late 

Are you struggling to attract bookings in 2024? If so, what action are you taking? Let us know in the comments.

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Feb 22

Is this based on American figures, Europe or UK? Where do you get the statistics from?

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