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Are your Airbnb bookings down in 2024?

Are your Airbnb bookings down in 2024?

Like many hosts, I started out on Airbnb before listing my properties on other online travel agencies and eventually creating a direct booking website.

Throughout my years of operation, Airbnb has often been the leading source of bookings...but that trend has changed dramatically in recent months. and my own website have overtaken Airbnb, which has been eerily quiet in 2024.

This got me wondering. Am I the only host struggling to attract reservations on Airbnb? And...spoiler alert: I am not.

Here are a selection of comments from the HCH community when I canvassed opinion:

"This is the slowest year on Airbnb in six years."

"I'm only listed on Airbnb and I've had no bookings at all since the new year."

"We are very quiet. Two bookings in February so far – dismal. We are only on Airbnb but we are going to set up our own website."

"Airbnb has been really slow. It's only our second year but we had more bookings this time last year."

"Very quiet here – relying mostly on regulars."

"I've been getting more bookings from Vrbo. Last year, 80% of my bookings were from Airbnb."

"In the last two weeks I have received three reservations. Airbnb bookings have slowed somewhat."

While some hosts reported normal levels of occupancy and a decent stream of bookings from Airbnb, the general trend has been downwards for many hosts in recent months. It is a question we will be discussing with Beyond and Key Data (both HCH sponsors) to see if our anecdotal evidence is backed up by actual statistics.

To me, this reinforces the importance of being listed on multiple platforms and having a direct booking option. We also need to be savvy about returning guests – are we getting in touch with them, are we sending a newsletter, are we posting on social media? Every little helps.

With supply increasing and occupancy levels heading south for many, an entrepreneurial approach will help to keep our calendars full in the months ahead.

Are your Airbnb bookings up, down, or steady? Let us know in the comments.

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