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A perfect match: HCH and Boostly!

Boostly sign up to sponsor Holiday Cottage Handbook.

We are delighted to announce that book direct legends Boostly have signed up to sponsor Holiday Cottage Handbook.

Founded by Mark Simpson in 2016, Boostly has become a powerhouse brand in the short-term rentals industry. In addition to creating websites for vacation rental hosts and property managers across the globe, Boostly offers free online training, content creation, and CPD-accredited marketing services to give hosts and property management companies the tools, tactics, and training to boost their direct bookings.

Boostly’s comprehensive offerings enable hosts to:

  • Slash commission costs significantly

  • Avoid wasting time on convoluted, outdated strategies 

  • Establish a profitable hospitality business without reliance on third parties

  • Seize control of their destiny and attract ideal guests for direct bookings

As part of the HCH sponsorship, Boostly will sponsor the Book Direct page in the A-Z of Short-Term Rentals and benefit from adverts on the #HCHPodcast, plus regular mentions in the newsletter and across social media.

Mark Simpson, Founder of Boostly, said: “We’re proud to sponsor Holiday Cottage Handbook, a platform that shares our commitment to providing the short-term rental community with the tools needed to thrive. It's more than a sponsorship, it's a shared commitment towards revolutionising the way hosts and property managers navigate what can be a challenging market. 

"Our aim has always been to cut through the noise and provide actionable insights and tools that make a real difference. With HCH, we have a partner who mirrors our vision of promoting direct bookings and supporting the growth of sustainable businesses in the hospitality industry. This collaboration is a fantastic step forward in our quest to empower more hosts and property managers, ensuring that they can maximise their profits.”


James Varley, Founder, Holiday Cottage Handbook, said: “Mark Simpson is a trailblazer in the short-term rentals industry and has built a brilliant brand that helps hosts and property managers to develop sustainable businesses. He is also one of the most respected thought leaders in our space – backed up by the fact he is the most common individual shout-out on our podcast!

“The goals of Boostly and Holiday Cottage Handbook are very well aligned, with both platforms dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise about our industry to help investors, hosts, and property managers thrive in the world of short-term rentals. We are delighted to welcome Boostly as our latest sponsor and look forward to developing a lasting collaboration.”

Interested in partnering with Holiday Cottage Handbook? Contact us via the website or email





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