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A listing platform for eco-friendly hosts

Earthstays is an online listing website dedicated to promoting sustainable short-term rentals.

The UK-based platform was founded in 2022 by Phil Pask to help independent owners advertise their holiday accommodation to guests who are looking for eco-friendly properties.

Hosts can list their rentals on the website for free and there is no commission to pay for any bookings. Guests interested in making a reservation will be redirected from Earthstays to a direct booking site or online travel agency, like Airbnb.

Every listing on the site must meet a minimum of three sustainability criteria:

  • Have recycling facilities

  • Use renewable energy

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Use water saving devices

  • Use local services and suppliers

  • Compost any green waste

  • Encourage biodiversity around your holiday accommodation

  • Discourage the use of plastics

  • Have energy efficient appliances

  • Use LED bulbs

Phil launched the website after believing there was a gap in the market for linking eco-friendly guests and hosts.

“I could see on social media that guests were looking for more sustainable listings but needed a platform to find them. You see this especially among younger travellers – they are keen to stay at eco-friendly properties that prioritise sustainability,” said Phil.

The Earthstays site shares a host of tips to help hosts make their listings eco-friendly.

Phil said: “It’s about continually making small changes. The way the world is going, we all need to do our bit for the benefit of future generations. By having sustainable listings, you are contributing to the cause and helping to encourage your guests to make positive changes when they get home.”

The mission at Earthsays is to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable accommodation, boosting people’s physical and mental wellbeing, and encouraging direct bookings and commission-free advertising.

Phil added: “It costs nothing to list your property and the platform will help you to increase the number of bookings you achieve. We are encouraging people to focus on sustainability at their rentals while helping them to build more sustainable businesses.”


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