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Upselling is a great strategy to maximise revenue from your short-term rental by offering additional services or amenities to guests.


When implementing upselling options, it's essential to communicate these offerings clearly to guests during the booking process or upon arrival. Ensure that the added services enhance the overall guest experience and align with the preferences of your target audience. Providing value and convenience will make upselling more appealing to your guests.


Here are some upselling options you can consider:


Early check-in


Offer guests the option to check in earlier than the standard check-in time for an extra fee. This can be particularly appealing to guests arriving in the morning or with early flights.

Late check-out


Offer guests the option to check out later than the standard time for an additional fee. This can be an attractive option for those who want to enjoy a leisurely morning or have a late departure.


Welcome packages


Create welcome packages that include local snacks, drinks, or personalised amenities. Guests may be willing to pay extra for a thoughtful and curated welcome experience.


Concierge services


Provide concierge services, such as arranging local tours, restaurant reservations, or transportation. Charge a fee for coordinating these services to enhance the overall guest experience. You might also be able to earn a commission by working with local businesses.


Housekeeping services


Offer additional housekeeping services, such as daily cleaning, linen changes, or a deep cleaning service during an extended stay, for an additional fee.


Airport transfers


Arrange transportation to and from the airport for guests. Offer this as an upselling option, especially if your property is in a tourist destination.


Grocery shopping service


Offer to stock the rental with groceries before the guest's arrival. Guests can provide a shopping list, and you can charge a fee for the service.


Bike or equipment rentals


If your property is in a location conducive to outdoor activities, offer bike rentals, paddleboard rentals, or other recreational equipment for an additional fee.


Premium Wi-Fi


Provide an option for guests to upgrade to premium Wi-Fi for faster speeds or unlimited data during their stay.


Streaming services


Offer access to premium streaming services or movie channels for an additional fee. This can be an attractive option for guests looking to relax and unwind.


In-room massage or spa services


Partner with local massage therapists or spa services to offer in-room massages or spa treatments. Guests can enjoy a pampering experience without leaving the property.


Special occasion packages


Create packages for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Include decorations, a cake, or a bottle of champagne for an additional fee.


Pet-friendly amenities


If your property is pet-friendly, offer pet amenities such as pet beds, toys, or grooming services for an extra charge.


Conference room or event space rental


If your property has suitable facilities, offer the rental of a conference room or event space for meetings, workshops, or small gatherings.


Exclusive local experiences


Collaborate with local businesses to offer exclusive experiences, such as wine tastings, cooking classes, or guided tours. Charge a fee for organising these unique experiences for your guests.

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