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Property Management Software (PMS)

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Property management software is a technology solution designed to assist property owners, managers, and landlords in holistically managing all aspects of their rental properties. This software streamlines tasks, enhances organisation, and helps optimise property-related processes.

Powerhost is trusted by short-term rental hosts and managers around the world. The platform is easy to use, constantly evolving and powerful, and connected to 60+ listing sites and 100+ technology providers.

The Powerhost solution is perfect for hosts and managers with up to nine properties. Its hero features include: channel manager, smart guest communication, commission-free direct booking website, reservation management, content management, payment processing, reporting, and a new mobile app (which is coming soon!).


Powerhost exists to save time and boost revenue for short-term rental hosts. Click here to find out more about Powerhost.


Here are key features and benefits of property management software:


Key features


Listing and distribution


Create and manage property listings across multiple platforms, making it easier to market on specialist channels and attract the perfect guests.Usually being preferred partners for top-notch channels.


Guest screening


Conduct background and credit checks to screen potential guests in order to make informed reservation decisions.


Rental agreement


Digitise rental agreements, store important documents, and automate notifications.


Revenue collection


Facilitate online payments, automate recurring payments, and provide guests with multiple payment options.


Maintenance management


Track and manage maintenance requests, schedule repairs, and communicate with staff.


Accounting and financial reporting


Manage finances, track income and expenses, generate financial reports, and handle tax-related documentation.


Smart guest communication tools


Facilitate communication between property managers and guests and staff through messaging, alerts, and announcements.


Online portals


Provide guests and staff with online portals for submitting maintenance requests, making payments, and accessing important documents.


Document storage


Store and organise important documents such as rental agreements, inspection reports, and correspondence in a centralised, secure location.


Task automation


Automate routine tasks such as payment reminders and cleaning to save time and reduce the manual workload.


Pricing analytics and reporting


Generate reports and analytics to gain insights into property performance, financial trends, and other key metrics.


Mobile accessibility


Many property management software solutions offer mobile apps, allowing property managers to perform tasks on the go and respond to guest needs promptly.


Integration with third-party tools


Integrate with other tools such as accounting software, payment processors, and marketing platforms to streamline operations.


Compliance and regulations


Stay informed about local and federal regulations related to rental properties and ensure compliance with legal requirements.




Time efficiency


Automating tasks and centralising information saves time on administrative duties, allowing property managers to focus on more strategic aspects of property management.




Keep all property-related information, documents, and communication in one centralised platform, promoting organisation and reducing the risk of errors.


Improved communication


Enhance communication between property managers, landlords, and guests through digital channels, reducing miscommunication and improving transparency.


Financial accuracy


Ensure accurate financial records, streamline rent collection, and generate financial reports with ease.


Tenant satisfaction


Provide tenants with online tools that simplify processes, improve accessibility, and enhance overall satisfaction with the rental experience.




As property portfolios grow, property management software can scale to handle increased complexity and workload.


Data security


Store sensitive information securely, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.


Cost savings


While there may be an initial cost to implement property management software, the long-term efficiency gains often result in cost savings.

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