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Great photos can have a huge impact on your short-term rental business.

As we say in our free e-book for hosts and property managers, there are two things you can never scrimp on as a host or property manager: photography and Wi-Fi.

Excellent photography will appeal to more guests, secure more bookings, and boost your ranking on the online travel agencies (OTAs). As Thibault Masson explained on the #HCHPodcast, OTAs literally judge your property on the quality of the photos and will market it accordingly. Bright and beautiful photos will appeal to the algorithm. 

Here are the many reasons why photography is one of the most important aspects of running a successful short-term rental business.

First impressions

High-quality photos create a positive and lasting first impression. They are the first thing potential guests see when browsing listings, influencing their decision to book.

Attracting attention

Eye-catching images grab the attention of potential guests. In a competitive market, visually appealing photos can set your property apart and encourage users to click on your listing.


Showcasing property features

Photos provide a visual representation of the property's features, layout, and amenities. Guests want to see where they'll be staying, and clear images help them understand what to expect.


Building trust

Professional and accurate photos build trust with potential guests. They create transparency and demonstrate that you are proud to showcase your property honestly.

Setting expectations

Photos help set realistic expectations for guests. By accurately representing your property through images, you reduce the likelihood of disappointments or misunderstandings during a guest's stay.


Increasing bookings

Properties with high-quality photos are more likely to attract bookings. Guests are more inclined to choose listings that visually appeal to them, increasing your property's chances of being booked.


Enhancing online visibility

Good photos improve your property's visibility in search results. Many booking platforms prioritise listings with attractive images, making it essential for search engine optimisation.

Highlighting unique selling points

Showcase what makes your property unique. Whether it's a stunning view, stylish decor, or special amenities, photos can effectively highlight these selling points.


Creating a positive perception

Quality images contribute to a positive perception of your property. They convey professionalism and attention to detail, factors that guests often associate with a well-managed and cared-for rental.


Inspiring confidence

Guests are more likely to book a property when they have confidence in what they are getting. Good photos contribute to this confidence, making guests feel more comfortable with their decision to book.

Encouraging longer stays

Clear, appealing images can entice guests to consider longer stays. They can visualise themselves enjoying the space, leading to extended bookings.


Social media marketing

High-quality photos are shareable on social media, increasing the visibility of your property beyond the booking platform. Guests may share photos of their stay, providing free promotion for your rental.



Professional photos reflect the professionalism of your rental business. Guests are more likely to trust and choose properties that are presented in a polished and well-organised manner.


Adapting to mobile users

Many guests browse and book accommodation using mobile devices. Clear and visually appealing photos are essential for capturing the attention of users on smaller screens.


Reducing questions and inquiries

Detailed and comprehensive photos can answer many potential questions guests might have about the property, reducing the need for additional inquiries and streamlining the booking process.

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