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Smiling House has redefined the luxury space in the global vacation rentals industry.

Launched by Ira and Moriya Rockman in Gstaad, Switzerland, the online travel agency (OTA) is home to thousands of properties across the globe – all benefitting from dedicated support from the award-winning Smiling House team.

Smiling House connects affluent travellers with unforgettable vacation rental experiences in 52 countries and more than 300 destinations – from beachside villas in St Barts to luxury apartments in Dubai, and authentic experiences in Marrakech to beautiful properties across Europe.

Smiling House is dedicated to providing bespoke experiences for high-net-worth individuals who require dedicated travel solutions and the highest levels of hospitality. Smiling House works with trusted partners to deliver a wide range of complementary services, including private jets, mega yachts, ski instructors, chefs, DJs, and other dream-come-true wishes their guests might desire. Smiling House designs unique and authentic luxury experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.

Smiling House offers an end-to-end service for property owners and managers, including property maintenance, booking, welcoming guests, and professional cleaning. This guarantees a high-quality experience for both hosts and guests. Owners and managers can list their rentals on Smiling House and manage them through integrations with BookingPal, Rentals United, and Guesty. Click here if you are interested in adding your property to Smiling House.

Smiling House also has a real estate platform – Triangle Luxury – which connects buyers and vendors in the luxury short-term rentals space. Triangle Luxury lists off-market properties and includes their vacation rentals management history – proving their viability and rental yield. It currently lists properties in more than 20 countries and is dedicated to connecting homeowners and property managers with high-net-worth individuals keen to invest in vacation rentals. Triangle Luxury is the perfect platform if you are interested in owning a property in one of the world’s most desirable locations.

Another sister company is Villa Tracker – a new platform which is opening up vacation rentals to concierge companies, travel agents, travel designers, and VIP services to select and book from Smiling House’s portfolio of more than 9,000 properties. Villa Tracker is a global distribution system which is bridging the gap between legacy travel companies by providing access to some of the most desirable vacation rental properties in the world. This B2B platform allows travel companies to book through a highly respected and trusted brand, guaranteeing outstanding service and experiences for their clients.

Here are some key facts about the short-term rentals luxury sector:

Growing demand


High-end travellers are increasingly seeking unique and personalised experiences. Luxury short-term rentals cater to this demand by providing high-quality amenities, exclusive services, and distinctive features.


Increased competition


The luxury sector has become more competitive, with property owners investing in premium furnishings, top-notch amenities, and concierge services to stand out from the crowd and attract discerning guests.


Luxury platforms and services


Platforms like Airbnb and VRBO offer a range of luxury listings, providing travellers with the opportunity to stay in upscale homes, villas, and apartments. Some platforms – like Smiling House – specifically cater to the luxury market, offering curated collections of high-end properties.


Extended stays in luxury properties

While short-term rentals traditionally involve stays of a few days or weeks, the luxury sector has seen an increase in demand for extended stays. Guests may choose to stay for several weeks or even months, seeking a more immersive and comfortable experience.


Investment opportunities


Investors have shown interest in acquiring luxury properties for short-term rentals, viewing them as lucrative opportunities.


Integration of technology


Luxury short-term rentals often incorporate advanced technology to enhance the guest experience. This may include smart home features, high-speed internet, home automation, entertainment systems, AI chat-bots, voice assistant technology, digital guidebooks, and much more.


Partnerships with concierge services


Some luxury short-term rentals collaborate with concierge services to provide guests with a wide range of personalised services, such as private chefs, spa treatments, and exclusive tours, creating a seamless and luxurious experience.


Focus on design and aesthetics


Luxury short-term rentals emphasise interior design and aesthetics to create visually appealing and comfortable spaces. High-quality furnishings, artwork, and unique architectural features contribute to the overall luxury experience.


Geographic diversity


Luxury short-term rentals can be found in various locations, including urban centres, beachfronts, and remote retreats. The geographic diversity allows travellers to choose luxury accommodation to suit their preferences and travel goals.

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