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Guest Communication

Effective communication with short-term rental guests is essential for providing a positive experience and ensuring a smooth stay.


By incorporating communication strategies, you can create a positive and seamless experience for your short-term rental guests, fostering satisfaction and potentially encouraging repeat bookings.


Here are some of the best ways to communicate with your short-term rental guests:


Clear booking confirmation


Provide a clear and detailed booking confirmation that includes essential information such as check-in/check-out times, address, contact details, and any specific instructions they need to follow.


Pre-arrival communication


Send a pre-arrival message a few days before the guests' scheduled check-in date. Confirm their arrival details, provide any additional instructions, and offer tips or recommendations for a smooth check-in process.


Detailed check-in instructions


Provide clear and detailed check-in instructions. Include information on how to access the property, where to find keys or keyless entry instructions, and any specific rules or guidelines they need to follow upon arrival.


Welcome message


Send a personalised welcome message upon the guests' arrival. Express your excitement about hosting them, reiterate important information, and let them know you're available for any questions or assistance.


Local recommendations


Share local recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and activities. A digital guidebook or welcome packet with this information can enhance the guest experience and make their stay more enjoyable.


Responsive communication


Be responsive to guest inquiries and messages. Timely and helpful responses contribute to a positive guest experience and demonstrate your commitment to their comfort.


Emergency information


Provide emergency contact information, including your own contact details and relevant local emergency services. Ensure that guests know who to contact in case of urgent issues.


House rules and guidelines


Clearly communicate house rules and guidelines to guests. Include information on quiet hours, pet policies, smoking policies, and any other rules that guests need to follow during their stay.


Mid-stay check-in


Consider sending a mid-stay check-in message to inquire about the guests' satisfaction, address any concerns they may have, and remind them of important check-out details.


Check-out instructions


Provide clear and concise check-out instructions. Include information on where to leave keys, any specific tasks guests need to complete before departure, and the check-out time.


Review requests


After guests check out, send a follow-up message thanking them for their stay and kindly requesting feedback through reviews. Positive reviews can enhance your property's reputation, while constructive feedback allows you to make improvements.


Special occasion recognition


If guests are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, consider sending a small gesture like a welcome card or a local treat to make their stay more memorable.


Use multiple communication channels


Utilise various communication channels, including email, messaging apps, and phone calls. Ensure that you're reachable through the preferred communication method of your guests.


Automated messaging systems


Implement automated messaging systems to send important information at specific times, such as check-in details, reminders, and post-stay follow-ups. This helps streamline communication and ensures that no crucial information is overlooked.

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