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Making your short-term rental property more accessible is not only a responsible and inclusive approach but also opens your rental to a broader range of guests.


By implementing these measures, you can create a more welcoming and accessible environment for guests with diverse needs, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for all your visitors.


Wheelchair-friendly design


Ensure your property has easy wheelchair access. This includes ramps or flat entrances, wider doorways, and spacious rooms and bathrooms. Consider installing grab bars in bathrooms for added safety.


Accessible parking


Provide accessible parking spaces close to the property entrance. Clearly mark these spaces and ensure they comply with accessibility standards.


Clear pathways


Maintain clear pathways throughout your property. Remove obstacles, loose rugs, or clutter that may obstruct the path of guests with mobility challenges.


Accessible bathroom features


Install bathroom features that are accessible to guests with disabilities. This may include a roll-in shower, a shower bench, and handrails. Ensure that sinks and mirrors are at an appropriate height.


Lever door handles


Replace traditional doorknobs with lever-style handles. These are easier to grasp and manipulate, making it more convenient for guests with limited dexterity.


Visible and audible alerts


Install visible and audible alerts, such as doorbells or fire alarms. This helps guests with visual or hearing impairments to be aware of important notifications.


Well-lit spaces


Adequate lighting is essential for guests with visual impairments and can prevent accidents.


Adjustable furniture


Consider providing furniture that is adjustable to accommodate different needs. For example, having a bed that can be lowered or raised can enhance accessibility.


Accessible kitchen design


Design the kitchen with accessibility in mind. Ensure that countertops are at a suitable height for wheelchair users and consider installing pull-out shelves for easy access.


Accessible technology


Provide technology that accommodates guests with disabilities. This may include smart home devices that can be controlled via voice commands or through accessible apps.


Communication assistance


Offer communication assistance for guests with hearing impairments. This could include providing written instructions, visual aids, or access to communication devices.


Accessible outdoor spaces


If your property has outdoor spaces, ensure that they are accessible. This includes having ramps or smooth pathways and providing seating options that are inclusive.


Information accessibility


Make information about your property easily accessible. This includes providing details about accessibility features on your website and in your property listing. Be responsive to inquiries about accessibility.


Offer personalised assistance


Be open to providing personalised assistance to guests with specific needs. This may include arranging for additional support or services based on individual requirements.


Stay informed and seek feedback


Stay informed about accessibility standards and regulations. Seek feedback from guests who have specific accessibility requirements to continuously improve your property's accessibility.

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